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Our Story

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It has always been a challenge for people to know which plant will go best with the weather conditions in their regions, what maintenance is required and what effects they might have for the environment. That is where we bridge the gap!
Living in Abu Dhabi, there were limited options for purchasing plants and getting to know about them. We wanted to help our fellow plant lovers out so; we came up with a plan and started working on how to achieve it. It all started after we legally registered our company as Bring Nature Home Plants Trading LLC.
Our journey started with the sole aim to provide easy access to plants for the people of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Started as a small business with a bunch of loyal friends and precious family who helped us grow and spread our branches, delivered a few plants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi which was enough to get the word spread, we started growing bit by bit and with time we had gathered hundreds of plant enthusiasts who we now proudly call our valued and loyal customers.
To this day, we have spread a lot of happiness and freshness in shape of our plants all over Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi and in case you want to check our official records, look us up as Bring Nature Home Plants Trading LLC.

We exclusively specialise in quality houseplants, pots and containers for the home and office.

Our Vision

To become the first name that comes to your mind to get plants from in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.

Our Mission

To play our part for the environment, share freshness everywhere and to shape healthier families. 


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