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Balsamina is an outdoor seasonal plant widely used in Dubai for many different purposes. It is sparsely branched, tender, and erect.

It contains many valuable benefits related to medicine and nutrition. People from all over the world use this as medicine to cure diseases. It has antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties that make it very useful.

Its flowers possess adorable colors, and they are also used to make dye for fingernails which is a substitute for henna. It can be a great option to select to cure skin-related issues like burns or blemishes. Besides ornamental purposes, people also consume its leaves as a food item.

Wet soil is best to grow these Balsamina plants in Dubai. In Korean folk medicine, it is a great medicine to treat gastritis.

Get this Balsamina plant in Dubai in an affordable price range to get unlimited benefits for your skin and health.

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Wet Soil


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