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We at aim to introduce nature in our daily lives. Statistics show that people living in urban areas have increased stress levels and are more prone to anxiety and depressive disorders. Nature is one of the best therapeutics known to mankind. Surrounding yourself with plants gives you more than just happiness. They are natural antidepressants and stress relievers.


Best service and products.. you guys are simply fantastic.. ordered a plant and they were so amazing shared all details so patiently and timely delivery services.

Nishad Fathima

Thank You for a great service Homesupplies ????‍♂️. I love the plants ???? . Friendly and responsive staffs. Highly recommended

Jhing Grace Cepe

They were really professional and gave me the plants in good condition within a day. They were really helpful on giving gardening tips too.

Prajitha Arun

Best Indoor And Outdoor Plants In Dubai:

Home Supplies is one of the premium indoor plant suppliers in Dubai and outdoor plants online Dubai for all kinds of outdoor as well as indoor plants. We distribute a huge range of plants that are accessible in a range of sizes, shapes, styles and different colors meet specific needs for house, workplace, or an office. You can browse through an extensive collection of our shrubs, groundcovers, trees, palms, seasonal and then select the best to set the tone for your surrounding environment. We as professionals are there to facilitate you with great care and appropriate growth.

From outdoor to indoor plants all the way, having different varieties of the plant related products along with the garden accessories, we will amuse you with the best of everything. We are committed to amuse our valuable customers with excellent services, continuous innovation and offering high quality products to them. All you need to do is to contact us for selection of outdoor plants online Dubai and indoor plants online Dubai.

It cannot be denied that choosing a plant has always been a challenge for people. They think of which plant will go best according to the weather conditions in their specific region, what kind of maintenance is required and the effects that they may have on the environment. This is the point where we facilitate our valued customers.

Indoor And Outdoor Plants In Dubai:

Home Supplies is one of the well-established indoor plants suppliers, Dubai and outdoor plants online Dubai in Dubai. We offer high quality sourcing across a considerable range of the products. We get our plants sourced from esteemed and credible growers, enabling us to supply high quality products at reasonable prices to our customers. We amuse our customers with indoor and outdoor plantation for residential as well as commercial places. It does not matter what kind of workspace you have, we will find the right plant for you meeting requirements of your environment and overall company’s personality. Be it funky, modern, corporate, traditional look, we ensure that our plants will compliment your place at its best. We pay attention to even the tiniest details at your place. You can choose from the variety of indoor as well as outdoor plants.

Indoor Plants:

Not only that indoor plants enhance the appearance of the space where they are placed, but they enhance the performance and creativity, reduce the stress, boost the mood and eliminate the air pollutants making the place happier, healthier, and serene for you. In other words, they don’t only look the placed good but also make the people around feel good. It has been proven with the help of studies that indoor plants:

  • Boost productivity, mood, creativity, and concentration
  • Reduce fatigue, stress, colds, and sore throats
  • Help purify the indoor air by absorbing the toxins, and increasing the oxygen production and humidity
  • Add life to the boring space, reduce noise levels, and give privacy to any place
  • Plants are therapeutic to be taken care of

As an indoor plants supplier Dubai, we at Home Supplies serve the indoor plants to valuable customers all around Dubai. We supply best organic, chemical free, plant scaping services, in most of the cases. Facebook & Instagram

Outdoor Plants:

In these times of pandemic when one cannot travel, one’s garden is one’s sanctuary. If you begin now, it will not take more than a few months and your garden will be your visual comfort. Thinking about the weather of Dubai; when it is about the maintenance of a beautiful garden around the year, one must to hire the services of professionals. We at Home Supplies offer our valuable customers with organic and seasonal outdoor plants at competitive prices. We will guide you at every step about how to take care of the aesthetic appeal of your garden at its best. We will make your garden look perfect with the best outdoor plants.

Office Plants:

It is not an arguable fact that plants in the offices not only enhance the beauty of the place, but also improve the performance of the employees, reduce the work stress and add to the serenity of the place. Researches have shown that placing a plant on the study table or a work station enhances the concentration and focus of the users.

Therefore, think no more and contact us. We at Home Supplies are one of the prime outdoor as well as indoor plants suppliers Dubai. We are well aware of the weather of Dubai and hence we will suggest you the best plants. We will provide you with best services related to indoor and outdoor plants online Dubai. We are waiting to serve you. Contact us and allow us to serve you with the best outdoor and indoor plants in Dubai.