Lemon Grass

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AED. 25
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The Outdoor plant Lemongrass which is also called Cymbopogon Citratus belongs to the family of Poaceae and is known for providing fragrances to perfumes, creams, soaps, and cosmetics through its essential oil. If you have lemongrass on your lawn it means you are having medicine at your house as this is a medicinal plant that upgrades verbal hostility to the pathogenic disease. The plant is a favorite of Thai foodies as it brags the tangy taste to Thai cuisine and dishes. The baking world also used the lemongrass plant in different non-alcoholic beverages and herbal teas.

The plant grows best in part sunlight light, dry/ moist soil and fertilization requirements are monthly and the other plant care is as per requirement which is reporting/ re-flowering/ trimming. The size of the lemongrass is 60 cm. Having lemongrass at your terrace is having peace of blessing that benefits you in all ways possible.

Plant Care

Part Shade/Full Sun

Moist/Dry Soil

As per requirement

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Lemon Grass
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