Monstera Mini

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AED. 80
AED. 80
Complete Plant Care Instructions On Delivery By Our Experts

The Monstera mini is a plant with dainty leaves and has split lobes. These leaves look so unique and eye-catching that one can’t resist adoring the beauty of nature. The name describing itself is that leaves are small in size, but look so outstanding. This Monstera mini counts in ornamental plants. They use as decoration pieces in offices, hospitals, homes, etc.

This is a fast-growing indoor plant In Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, and Al Ain. It grows best and fast on an indirect/ bright medium of sunlight and needs dry/moist soil to mature. The trimming/ reporting/ re-flowering process just be done as per requirement and fertilization should be done quarterly. All this little care and the plant rewards you with the best as the ornamental plants not only decorate your houses but also help you to reduce the stress, to feel relaxed, and also the peace your eyes get through their dainty leaves is all that will convince you to love them as much as you can.

Plant Care

Indirect Bright/Medium

Moist/Dry Soil

As per requirement

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Monstera Mini
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