Coconut Palm Tree

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AED. 85
AED. 85
Complete Plant Care Instructions On Delivery By Our Experts

The Coconut Palm Tree, known as "the tree of life," offers a multitude of valuable products. With its long, slender trunk topped by feathery green fronds, this iconic tree yields an array of essentials. Provides versatile recourse from nutrient-rich water to oil. In addition to it, they grow outdoors and indoors as well, even if you live up north.

The Coconut Palm is among the most sought-after types globally, known for its sizable and delicious coconuts. It thrives both outdoors and within containers, enabling coconut growth even in colder regions. You can place the coconut palm tree outside on warm days, and during cold, you can bring it indoors, too.

Plant Care

Part Shade/Full Sun

Moist/Dry Soil

As per requirement

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