English Ivy

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AED. 45
AED. 45
Complete Plant Care Instructions On Delivery By Our Experts

English Ivy is also known as Hedera Helix. It

  • Is the aggressive, woody, and vigorous ever green plant
  • Is a climbing vine or can be like a ground covering
  • Is accessible in 20cm
  • Requires regular trimming
  • Needs most and dry soil to grow well

Requires medium to indirect bright light for proper growth.

English ivy plants are terrific climbers, they are indoor plants that are often placed on tabletops or places that are requiring some minimal decor. These plants might also be known as Hedera helix in the botanical dictionary however they are commonly called the English ivy plants. These are some of the most bought climbers and indoor plants in Dubai. It is also not very difficult to grow these plants, they require very little water and grow in dry and minimally moist soil. Apart from being easily grown indoors they also do not require direct sunlight and hence regular trimming and a slight amount of care can help these plants mature. However, it is also not easy to connect to the best suppliers of English ivy plants in Dubai, to get these aggressive and woody plants you have to connect to some of the promising plant sellers.

We provide you with absolutely fresh and clean quality of these plants and are undoubtedly one of the best suppliers of English ivy plants in Dubai. So place your orders now.

Plant Care

Indirect Bright/ Medium

Moist/Dry Soil

Regular Trim

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