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Complete Plant Care Instructions On Delivery By Our Experts

Desert Energy 15-0-0+ 3.5% S + 6%Fe + 2%Mn is a chelated iron and manganese chelates promote fast green-up. Fe and Mn are important for good green color, [chlorophyll synthesis], and photosynthesis.

Desert Energy provides the plant with readily available iron/manganese along with nitrogen for the correction of nutrient deficiency. It is ideal for use in turf, trees, and ornamentals for general plant maintenance and to correct chlorosis.


Nitrogen (N)                                                      15%

Phosphorus (P2OS)                                         0%

Potassium (K2O)                                              0%

Sulfur (S)                                                       3.5%

Iron (Fe)                                                              6%

Manganese (Mn)                                              2%

Application Rate:

  1. Turf Application:

Greens: 90ml/100 m2/Every 14 days

Fairways:  protected: 180ml/100m2/Every 30 days

Overseeding: 100ml/100 m2

  1. Trees. Shrubs & Ornamentals:

Foliar Spray: 4L – 5L in 400L water


This is an acidic material. Keep out of reach of children. In case of contact with eyes, flush immediately with a copious amount of water. Contact a physician.

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