Money Plant Emboss

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AED. 95
AED. 95
Complete Plant Care Instructions On Delivery By Our Experts

The money plant emboss is the plant that is available in the market every time of the year. The plant is known for good luck as several people believe that keeping a money plant at their homes or workplaces brings good prosperity to their lives so they are sold in high numbers in the market. The plant not only gives these vibes of good luck but is also known as the best peace provider. It gives the place a light and fresh full environment. The plant care is as per the requirement that is repotting / re-flowering and trimming. Moist soil is the perfect soil to grow the money plant emboss, the money plant emboss loves water, they required much water to be alive longer. Make sure you keep the money plant emboss at the spot where sunlight light hits perfectly to the plant. It is somehow known as a treasured plant for the people.

Plant Care

Indirect Medium

Moist/Dry Soil

As per requirement

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Money Plant Emboss
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