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Birds of Paradise


  • 25cm
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Plant Care

  • LightingIndirect Bright/Medium
  • Soil PreferenceMoist/Dry Soil
  • Repotting/Trimming/Reflowering2-3 years
  • FertilizingQuarterly


Birds of Paradise

Decorated with orange cane flowers, Birds Of Paradise is the best evergreen plant that grows in indirect medium or bright light. Availability of proper humidity and a temperate environment is necessary for this plant to grow to its length. Well-drained soil is a must-have for it to bloom. Many people use Birds of Paradise in Dubai to give a natural touch to their homes.

The large-sized lush, shiny green-hued leaves of Birds Of Paradise look stunning in open spaces as decoratives. Even though it does not produce flowers indoors, it still looks adorable and fresh. It may have splitting in its leaves that allows air to pass through it. It is the evolutionary process of this plant.

We are the best-selling indoor and outdoor plant suppliers in Dubai. So hurry and get Birds of Paradise in Dubai in the best price range, and give fresh decor to your office space or home to make it more welcoming and natural.

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