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Bougainvillea Purple


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Plant Care

  • LightingFull Sun
  • Soil PreferenceMoist/Dry Soil
  • Repotting/Trimming/RefloweringAs per requirement
  • FertilizingMonthly


Many outdoor plants in Dubai like Jasmine Murrayya / Thai, Jasmine Sambac/ Motia, Agave, and many more have high demands in the market and the same Bougainvillea Purple is an enduring plant that is high in demand in the world of nature as people in their houses, offices, schools, hospitals and, anywhere wants to breathe in the calmness and Bougainvillea purple is a plant which is having clusters of white flowers that can cheer up anyone’s mood, the smell of the flower can only understand by the nature lover which is so soothing.

This product of Bougainvillea is in purple with a combination of clusters of white flowers, they can be grown in moist or dry soil both with full sun lighting, as Bougainvillea purple is also known in  the plant which is in love with the sun so make sure you are allotting the place to this plant where the sun hits it’s rays best. They required fertilization monthly and reporting, reflowering, and trimming as per requirement.The size Bougainvillea purple occupies 100 cm.



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