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Bougainvillea Yellow


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Plant Care

  • LightingFull Sun
  • Soil PreferenceMoist/Dry Soil
  • Repotting/Trimming/RefloweringAs per requirement
  • FertilizingMonthly


Outdoor Plants Bougainvillea is one of the extensively demanding and one of the most succeeding outdoor plants in Dubai. All you need is a place where sunlight comes the best. They are dry/ moist-soil plants. Outdoor Plants Bougainvillea In Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sahajrah, UAE comes in different colors, but this Bougainvillea yellow is a dazzling one also the yellow color flowers symbolize joy, friendship, faith, and truth so keeping the plant of Bougan villea yellow will help you to feel emotions and relaxation around yourself.

Plants are the most promising living things alive. outdoor plants abu dhabi Bougainvillea yellow will be your best friend once you keep this at your place, they hold the clusters of white flowers that make the plant so attractive that one can’t stay without staring and smelling the calmness of nature.The thorny stems protecting the plant from herbivores also Bougainvillea yellow loves to stay where the humidity rate is favorable so all you need a Bougainvillea plant outside your house or at your favorite place.

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