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  • 20cm
  • 45cm
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Plant Care

  • LightingFull Sun
  • Soil PreferenceMoist/Dry Soil
  • Repotting/Trimming/Reflowering1-2 years
  • FertilizingQuarterly



Euphorbia is a plant of pleasures. It is a sun-loving plant so known for bringing light to your life. The plant is the beauty of nature and would surely beautify your garden too. Euphorbia grows flowers in pink and white colour. The pink flowers plants signify sensitivity and the white flowers plant signifies elegance. The flowers enlighten the plant and make it fascinating. The plant holds the milky white sap and unique floral structure.

The Euphorbia also has the feature of poison as touching them continuously can cause irritation in the eyes or skin but they are the true example of decorating a garden at its fairest. The plant’s unique floral patterns make it so appealing. All you need is a good spot of sunlight where it could live healthier, the trimming, re-potting and re-flowering can be done as per requirement. The euphorbia is selling in the market in demand making the gardens of the houses beautiful.

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