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Plant Care

  • LightingIndirect Medium/Low
  • Soil PreferenceDry Soil
  • Repotting/Trimming/RefloweringAs per requirement
  • FertilizingAnnual



Succulents are a myriad group of plants and each plant in the group is fascinating in its way. The Succulents plant store water also they are common with the fact that they are sap plants. The Succulents come in a variety of designs, some have graceful petals of flowers or some have artistic leaves or some have aesthetic patterns of leaves. Having succulents in your garden is like a deal, the variation your garden would have and the charms your garden will be full of would-be like heaven at your place.

The size of the Succulents is almost 8cm. They need lighting directly in a low/ medium way. The soil they prefer to grow is dry/moist soil and the fertilization should take place annually and the repotting/ trimming/ re-flowering is needed asper requirement. All you need is Succulents in your garden to only beautify the beauty of the outdoor of your house but also to light the inner peace of yourself.

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